Graduate Workshop ISAS 2013

We are delighted to announce a Graduate Workshop on the Saturday and Sunday before ISAS 2013 in Dublin. The workshop will take place on 27 and 28 July 2013 in the Active Learning Laboratory, School of Computer Science, UCD, on the theme of ‘Digital Resources: Data and Databases’. Up to twelve places will be awarded to Graduate Students and recent PhDs.

The workshop will be run by Dr Peter Stokes from the Department of Digital Humanities in King’s College, London, with sessions by Professor Toni Healey from the Toronto Dictionary of Old English, Professor Michael Drout, of Wheaton College, the lead investigator on the interdisciplinary Lexomics project ( and Dr Anthony Harvey, Editor of the Dictionary of Medieval Latin from Celtic Sources. It is funded by the Lynne Grundy Foundation (, the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies (, the Society for the Study of Medieval Language and Literature (, the Graduate School of the College of Arts and Celtic Studies, University College Dublin, the School of English, Drama and Film, University College Dublin and by generous donations to ISAS.

Places on the workshop are free, including lunches and coffee breaks, and we will provide free accommodation in UCD for the duration of the workshop and for the ISAS conference (i.e. eight nights in all); in addition, students who gain a place on the workshop will benefit from a reduced ISAS conference registration fee of €40. We are, unfortunately, not in a position to cover travel costs but participants may apply to the Lynne Grundy Foundation or to TOEBI (Teachers of Old English in Britain and Ireland) for some help with these.

Students interested in participating in the workshop are asked to submit a curriculum vitae, the name and address of their supervisor and a short account (c. 300 words) of how participation in the workshop would benefit their studies. Please email these to, to arrive by St Brigid’s Day, 1 February.

The timetable for the weekend will be:

Databases 1 – The Relational Model: 9.30-10.30
Databases 2 – Data Modelling: 11:00-12:30
Anthony Harvey (Dictionary of Medieval Latin from Celtic Sources) : 13:30-14:30
Databases 3 – ‘Real World’ examples: 14:45-16:00

Toni Healy (Dictionary of Old English): 9:30-11:00
Michael Drout (Lexomics Project): 11:15-12:45
Databases 4 – More Advanced Practical work: 13.45-14.45
Databases 5 – Semi-Structured Data: 15.00-16.00